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  • bucketstrap

    Bucket Strap by Classic Equine


    Bucket Strap made by Classic Equine. Made of nylon webbing with aluminum snap and holds up to 150 lbs. Branded with Classic Equine logo. Size: 1″ x 26″.

  • duraflexbuckets

    Duraflex Flatback Bucket – 20 Quart


    Duraflex Flatback Bucket is a superior bucket that is molded from tough polyethylene resin with excellent impact, warpage and stress crack resistance. Features ribs under rim for improved strength, wider back for improved contact against wall, grooved finger grip for easier pouring, stacking ribs for easier bucket separation, and heavy-duty steel eyelets and handle. Available in several different colors! There’s no better feeling than getting a new, clean bucket for your horse – it will liven up your whole setup!

    * Haul, feed and water easier with Miller Little Giant buckets
    * 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
    * Made in the USA

    20 Quart

    Measures 14-3/4″ diameter, 12″ height.

  • raplast

    Rap Last


    * Rap Last protects your investments and teaches your horse what NOT to touch!
    * Only one word to describe it: Effective!
    * Rap Last works in 3 ways to discourage chewing: sight, smell and taste
    * All-natural
    * Made in the USA
    * Satisfaction Guaranteed
    * Nationally advertised

    Keep your barn, stalls, blankets, wraps and horses safe! Raplast ensures your horse will leave them alone and untouched.

    Spray Rap Last on wraps, blankets, wood, trailer ties, manes, tails and more. A small amount goes a long way. Contains oleo resin capsicum, capsaicine, and pelargonic acid vanilly amide.

    8oz bottle

  • TrailerAid

    Trailer Aid


    Trailer Aid is the solution if you've ever been stranded on the side of the road with a flat horse trailer tire!

    Fast, safe, easy way to change a trailer's flat tire. Allows anyone to change a flat tire without help, without a jack and without unloading the trailer. Simply drive your good tire onto the Trailer-Aid which lifts the flat tire off the ground. Replace tire and drive off Trailer-Aid. Made of lightweight, super-strong polymer. 15,000 lb capacity. Lifetime warranty. Trailer-Aid Plus is designed specifically for recreational trailers. Provides an additional 1″ lift. Handy for performing maintenance on brakes, wheels and axles.

    * No jacks! No need to unload the trailer!

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