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  • buckeyetreats

    Buckeye Nutrition Treats


    Buckeye Nutrition Treats – all–natural, handy, disc-shaped treats are highly digestible, tasty, healthy rewards for horses of all ages. Plus, there’s no sugar added! Feeding directions: up to 1/2 lb daily per horse. Not intended to replace normal grain or hay ration. Resealable bags. Apple Snaps are made with real apples! Carrot Crunchers are made with real carrots! Both flavors contain min 12% crude protein, min 5% crude fat, max 10% crude fiber, calcium, phosphorous, copper, selenium and zinc. Peppermint Bits are made with natural peppermint oil. Contain min 12% crude protein, min 3.5% crude fat, max 5% crude fiber, calcium, phosphorous, copper, selenium and zinc.

    1 pound bag – Peppermint

    * Tasty, all-natural, no sugar added treats ideal for any horse

  • jollystallsnack

    Jolly Stall Snack


    * Liven up your horse’s stall with Jolly Apples & Snacks!

    Apple-shaped holder offers a nutritious snack for horse to enjoy, plus helps prevent cribbing & boredom. Allows horse to lick but not bite down on snack. Includes apple-flavored treat containing cereal, sugar & vitamins. Hangs from ceiling; snacks lasts 2-3 wks. Snack refills available in apple, mint, carrot and 100% all-natural Himalayan rock salt, which lasts longer than compressed salt blocks, is an excellent source of nutrients and minerals, and is safe for all ages, including weanling and foals.

  • mrspastures

    Mrs. Pastures Cookies


    All-natural cookies contain oats, wheat bran, cane molasses, rolled barley, apples and water, with no preservatives or additives. Cookies are dehydrated (not baked), making them hard and crunchy, so they won’t crumble or fall apart in your pocket.

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