Leather Care

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  • lexol

    Lexol Leather Conditioner


    Lexol Leather Conditioner protects old and new leather from cracking and premature aging while keeping it soft and supple. Made of tiny oil droplets that bond to leather fibers and maintain strength, durability and flexibility. Won’t seep or migrate. Leaves a smooth, satin finish. Not recommended for suede or glove soft leather.

    1/2 liter spray.

  • saddlersonestep

    Saddler’s One Step Leather Cleaner & Conditioner


    * Your leather is an investment. What are you doing to protect it?
    * Give your leather a little TLC
    * Cleans, protects and restores leather for years to come
    * Wipe on, wipe off…the job is done!
    * Made in the USA
    * Satisfaction Guaranteed
    * Nationally advertised

    Saddler’s One Step Leather Cleaner & Conditioner is a Total Leather Cleaner and Conditioner, giving your leather a little TLC. Protects and restores used and new leather items for years to come. Fast, one-step process both cleans and restores leather’s natural oils. Wipe on, wipe off…the job is done!

    • Removes and prevents most stains
    • Keeps leather soft, supple and water-resistant
    • Helps stop and prevent mold and mildew

    Can be used for tack, saddles, harnesses, boots, shoes, leather gloves and more. Not recommended for suede leather.

    Contains no petroleum by-products to crack or dry leather; leaves no oily film. Won’t leave any build-up in stitches or seams. A little goes a long way. Smells fresh and clean. Biodegradable formula. For best results, use with Saddler’s Preservative before storing leather for any period of time.

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