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    PowerFX Bio Energy Card


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    PowerFX Bracelets


    PowerFX bracelets are now sold by Cook Saddlery! The holographic disc uses a revolutionary approach for fast, effective, non-transdermal pain relief (this just means that no substance enters the body). We believe these bands can help all equestrians – our sport requires a great deal of balance and strength – get the upper hand for yourself today, or order the extra large band for your horse! We at Cook Saddlery not only sell these, but we use them as well! See below for a more detailed description, or feel free to email us at info@cooksaddlery.com with any questions or color/size requests!

    All color combinations are shown in the pictures to the left. Only current in-stock colors/sizes are listed below (please be sure to hit “Clear Selection” after every combination that you look at to ensure that all available combinations are shown). For colors/sizes not in stock, please add an extra 3-5 days shipping time. Please also let us know if you need help with sizing!

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    PowerFX Pet Tags


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