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High quality and custom made cutting saddles by Cook Saddlery in Summerville, GA. You won’t find a better saddle anywhere – the pocket is just right and will put you in the right place to win your next event. Us at Cook Saddlery not only make saddles, we also show cutting horses so know what feels right! You won’t find better cutting saddles for sale than here at Cook Saddlery!

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  • Chocolate Cutting Saddle

    16″ Cook Saddlery Chocolate Cutting Saddle


    Chocolate cutting saddle that is absolutely GORGEOUS with partial hand carving and deep tooling. These saddles are handmade by an NCHA money earner (you can check out our farm page at, so he KNOWS how a cutting saddle should ride! With a pocket that will hold you in and has all the comforts of much higher priced saddles, I can guarantee you will love your new Cook Saddlery Chocolate Cutting Saddle! Even if you don’t ride cutters, you will also find this chocolate cutting saddle perfect for your sorting horse, team penner, ranch cutter, or even trail horse!

    Chocolate Cutting Saddle

    Chocolate Cutting Saddle Pictured Above

    As mentioned above, the pocket is what makes the difference between a Cook Saddlery chocolate cutting saddle and our competition. You can actually see it in the pictures – you’ll notice this chocolate cutting saddle won’t ride as wide AND puts you down where you’re supposed to be without having to think about it! We only use top quality materials and design our saddles to last for years. This saddle has been HAND MADE by Dale Cook here at the shop in Georgia –  not by a team of foreigners like at the larger shops! We especially take pride in our work and hope that you will too!

    Please let us know if you have any questions about this or any of our other saddles. We’re always happy to help, and sincerely appreciate your business! Please also let us know your t-shirt size when you purchase this, or any of our other handmade saddles! We also welcome anyone in the area to give us a call and come by and see how our saddles are made… we may not be big but we’re committed to quality AND customer service!

    If this saddle does not suite your taste, please give us a call at 678-492-0440 to arrange for your own custom Cook Saddle saddle to be made to order! You can also email us at!

  • Cutting Saddle

    16″ Cook Saddlery Cutting Saddle – Waffle Tooling


    This one is SOLD but we can make another one for you! 16″ Cook Saddlery cutting saddle with waffle tooling. This saddle is absolutely GORGEOUS, and functional to boot! It has a perfect pocket that's not too deep and not too flat – made just right for you to go win the cutting.

    Seat Size: 16″
    Tooling Pattern: Waffle
    Conchos: Coloma Gold
    Stirrups: Off-Set Engraved
    Tree: Wooden Wrapped with Fiberglass & Rawhide
    Features: Hoof Pick Holder, Back Girth

  • haironcuttingsaddle1

    16″ Cutting Saddle with Hair-On Backhousing


    SOLD – Cook Saddlery custom 16″ Slick Seat cutting saddle with brindle hair-on-hide backhousing. This saddle is built to last and look good while you're doing it! Full quarter horse bars. SOLD – This one's gone but contact us about building one for you!


  • Sale! cutting saddle with waffle tooling and border

    Cutting Saddle with Waffle Tooling and Border

    $2,000.00 $1,500.00

    Cutting Saddle with Waffle Tooling and Border. 16.5″ seat that is perfect for those who can’t decide between a 16″ or a 17″! Deep pocket that makes this cutting saddle with waffle tooling and border a DREAM to ride! Designed and crafted by an NCHA money earner, which means that he KNOWS how a saddle should ride! Cook Saddlery proudly boasts the saddle of choice for the 2014 Open AND Amateur Cutting World Champions at this years ARHA World Show!

    Cutting Saddle with Waffle Tooling and Border – Functionality AND Looks!

    Why choose just one? You’ll be amazed when you see the deep tooling on this saddle, and even more so once you ride in it! Perfect for cutting horses, sorting horses, team penning horses, or even your favorite trail riding horse! Cross conchos that set off the look of the saddle with style. Made in Georgia at our shop and waiting for its new owner! Comes with back cinch and front and off billets.

    Cutting Saddle with Waffle Tooling and Border

    Pre-turned stirrups that will make you feel like you’ve bought a saddle that is already broken in! Quality leather that is made to last for a lifetime, as well as attention to detail on the construction. You will love your new cutting saddle with waffle tooling and border… we guarantee it! Please feel free to ask any questions by calling Heidi Cook at 678-492-0440 or sending us an email at We can also make you a custom saddle with tooling or carving of your choice (including brands!) or in a different seat size if needed. Our trees are hand crafted to our specs and can also be sculpted to your horse if needed (although our chosen trees will fit a large variety of horses!). This saddles tree is wood wrapped in fiberglass, but we can do double fiberglass, super lightweight, or kevlar wrapped if the buyer would like on their custom saddle!

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