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  • ropingreins

    Leather Roping Reins


    Quality leather roping reins with snaps on both ends. Handmade / oiled by Cook Saddlery. 7' length. If different length is needed, please email <a href=””></a> for quote.
    <h2>Leather Roping Reins Features</h2>
    -Approximate 7 foot length (other lengths available)
    -Snaps on BOTH ends for easy changing of bits
    -Can be oiled with dark oil, light oil, or raw leather
    -Soft and supple and ready to go rope or trail ride!

    <a href=””><img alt=”Leather Roping Reins” src=”×200.jpg” width=”300″ height=”200″ /></a>

    Here at Cook Saddlery we not only sell <b>leather roping reins</b>, we use them! As avid team ropers (along with some other disciplines), we know that we feel that you get from your leather roping reins is extremely important if you want to go win the roping! We like to have a long enough length so that you can use them on even the longer necked / bigger heading horses (as well as be comfortable when you're warming up before the roping!), but also short enough that when you choke up to launch out of the box that you don't have so much tail that the <b>leather roping reins</b> get tangled in your rope.

    Please let us know if you would like any kind of custom <b>leather roping reins</b> made and we would be happy to help!

  • Romels

    Romel Reins – Natural Rawhide


    Romel reins made of natural rawhide that will be sure to carry you to the winners pen! Made by Tough1, these are affordable, yet durable. In addition to being the go-to rein for working cowhorse and ranch horse competitions, they’ve also made their mark in the horsemanship, trail, and western riding. Romels also work wonders for riders who want to reach up with their free hand and grab the reins in the show pen, as the tail of the romel gives them something to “do” with the free hand. The other advantage to romel reins over split reins is the feel that they provide. Romels should be stored flat or hanging without and bend in them as the rawhide does have a memory that will hold kinks. Buy these today from Cook Saddlery and send us your win pictures in them!

  • splitreins

    Split Reins


    Quality split reins. Handmade/oiled by Cook Saddlery. If you need a different length/width, please email Price is per pair.

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