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  • SolidStirrups

    Aluminum Visalia Stirrups


    Aluminum Visalia stirrups that will give your saddle the classic western look! 3″ neck, 1 3/4″ tread, 5.5″ height and width. Leather tread with leather lacing that can be oiled before shipping at buyers choice. Great stirrups – you can’t beat the aluminum Visalia shape!

  • Tough1AngledStirrups

    Angled Roping Stirrups


    Angled roping stirrups are perfect for anyone who has knee pain when riding, or just wants a more comfortable trip around the pen or the trails! You WILL notice a difference when you switch to angled roping stirrups, as they allow your foot to be flat across the tread and provide a wider tread, ensuring a comfortable ride every time you put your feet in them. Made of lightweight aluminum, these angled roping stirrups come with a 3-inch neck and feature a leather-wrapped foot tread to prevent slipping (can be oiled before shipping at buyers expense if desired). 5.5″ wide and 6″ tall with 3″ tread.

    -Allows your foot to be flat across the tread
    -Provides a comfortable ride without stress
    -Leather wrapped foot tread with rubber grip
    -Comes with 3 in. neck

  • HandEngravedStirrupsv2

    Hand Engraved Bell Stirrups


    Hand engraved bell stirrups that are absolutely gorgeous! Deep engraving sets off the shine on these. 3″ neck, 1 3/4″ tread. 5 1/2″ wide, 5 1/2″ height.  Perfect for cutting, trail riding, or even barrels, with a look that is classic and will last a long time! Natural leather tread (can be oiled if desired) with Latigo lacing to ensure your foot doesn’t slip while riding.

  • LeatherRoperStirrups

    Leather Angled Stirrups


    Leather angled stirrups that can be oiled to match your saddle! Leather wrapped with leather tread to create that seamless look. 6″ wide x 7″ tall with 3.5 inch tread. Slight angle to the stirrup helps relieve knee pain when riding – perfect for your roping or trail riding saddle! Once you ride angled / crooked, you won’t want anything else!

  • EngravedStirrups

    Offset Engraved Aluminum Stirrups


    Offset engraved aluminum stirrups that will you give you the look and feel needed to win your class or hit the trails. 3″ neck , 2″ tread, 5.5″ width and height. We use these on a lot of our cutting saddles and they ride as good as they look, especially for the price! Natural leather tread with Latigo leather lacing. Leather can be oiled if buyer desires. I know you’ll love these offset engraved aluminum stirrups!

  • oakwoodstirrups

    Polished Oak Wood Bell Stirrups


    Quality Formay brand oak wood bell stirrups. 3″ neck, 2″ tread, 5 1/4″ width, & 5 1/4″ height. Gorgeous color that will look fantastic on your cutting, trail, or even barrel saddle! Latigo leather tread will last for a long time.

  • RawhideAngledStirrups

    Rawhide Angled Stirrups


    Rawhide angled stirrups that will not only give relief to your knees, but also let you look good doing it! The angle lets your feet sit level in the stirrup, which makes them perfect for both roping and trail riding! These stirrups are locally wrapped in natural rawhide and tied with leather lacing. 6 inches wide, 7 inches tall, with a 3.5″ tread – sized for an oversized boot but still comfortable for an average one. Leather wrapped tread to ensure your foot doesn’t slip. Buy locally – these are wrapped just down the road in Alabama!

  • RawhideRoperStirrups

    Rawhide Roping Stirrups


    Rawhide roping stirrups with Latigo leather striping and leather lacing. Locally wrapped in Alabama with a quality that’s built to last! Leather tread on the bottom to keep your feet in place. 5.5 inches wide x 6 inches tall x 3.5 inch tread. Great for large or small boots! Rawhide gives a classic cowboy look to roping or trail saddles, and won’t tear like leather will or get scratched up like metal stirrups!

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